Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh my...one year later and I am finally posting again. I need to find a new job. Nah, I just need to better manage my time and find some miracle formula to get my kids to grow up faster. Hmmm...that doesn't sound like the perfect solution either.

Well I have been fishing a little more this past summer. I started the season in a small sit on top kayak. Out in Grays Harbor and Westport, I managed to catch a few nice ling cod and black rockfish. Sorry, no pics. I don't trust myself with a nice camera floating on an oversized surfboard in 4 foot swells. ya gotta just rust me on this one.

Since the ocean opener June 1, I have gone king fishing three times and I am happy to report that I have landed three kings. All right at 20 pounds but sure made for some fine eating.

here's a pic of one we caught one day
July 19th I am off to Alaska to fish with an annual event amongst my closes friends called KENAI IN JULAI! A couple of folks I took fishing with me a decade ago enjoyed it so much they take crazy jobs like contractor in Iraq and the Russian Far East so they can take the entire month of July off to fish. They had a custom boat built and even bought property on the Kenai River. It truly is a situation where the students have become the Master.