Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deep Creek July 13, 2013

I decided to take a day off and head down to Deep Creek.  The past few outing have been great fishing/poor catching for me.  I never realized how significant the lack of Kings are to my fishing schedule.  In the past it seemed like you could always scratch a few out somewhere but this year the system wide failure in South-central is taking a toll on my fishing time.

My primary target was trying to troll up a red.  I start the day trolling a mini hoochie behind a dodger.  First minute of fishing I get hit but it’s not a salmon.  Up comes the smallest halibut I have personally ever observed.  Maybe 5 inches long.  Well that was a good start.

Next 5 hours, absolutely nothing.  No jumpers, no bites, not even a nibble from an Irish Lord.  I mainly fished 1.5 miles to 2 miles out in about 60 ft of water.  As the tide started coming in I did mark a few schools of what I think are reds, but not anything exciting.

So after giving up, I decided to head in.  As always, I troll all the way into the shoreline since as long as your bait is in the water, you have a chance.  So after spending 5 hours and drifting probably 10 miles or more round trip, 100 yards from my truck in 25 to 30 ft of water my rod doubles over.  Perseverance pays off!!!!!

Unfortunately, I haven’t caught a fish in a LONG time and it showed.  I bring the fish up on the wrong side to Gaff or use the boca grips.  My kayak is in complete disarray.  I almost lose a finger when the fish rips out line after a failed gaff attempt.

People who say halibut fishing is just lifting weight off the bottom have never fished halibut shallow.  Even these chickens can make long hard drag screaming runs.  So despite the rust from not catching, I manage to land it.  I can’t believe the pile of fillets I got from this one fish! 

Slow but no complaints.  Beautiful day out, porpoises everywhere & ALWAYS better when you are fishing!