Saturday, March 28, 2015

Homer Winter King Derby!!!

The 22nd annual Homer Winter King Derby was held this weekend.  This was my third year entering.  The previous two years I have been blanked.  The weather and fish certainly cooperated for the derby.  Records were shattered in number of anglers, boats, and fish caught.  The total ended up being 1,324 anglers, on 386 boats (7 kayaks) with 590 fish caught!  That fish per angler was 0.45 fish per angler.

There were 3 Hobie Outbacks, two Pro Anglers, one wilderness System kayak, and a Native Propel.  Two kayakers including myself entered fish.  Of the seven, 5 were from "TEAM NWKA".  I only got to speak to Travis on the Wilderness System.  A third kayaker, Derrick (sp?) lost a fish which was unfortunate because had he landed the fish instead of being 0.29 fish per kayak angler it would have been 0.43 which would have been virtually identical to the power boats!  Now THAT is pretty cool! Especially when you consider the area we fished is NOT consider a hotspot by any means and most boats traveled at least ten miles one way to get to their spots.

I pre-fished the derby on Friday.  I managed a fish in the first 5 minutes of fishing but didn’t get another strike the rest of the day.  I caught it on a chrome Silver Horde Coho Killer spoon behind a red/chrome Fish Flash flasher and 12oz of weght.

On derby day, I had a solid strike early but when I reeled up, 40lbs fluorocarbon had been cleanly cut off just above the spoon.  I switched to herring and nothing.  Switched back to a Black and White coho killer spoon and within 2 minutes had my fish on!  I am starting to think the action of the spoon trumps the fishiness of herring.  More reaction strike than an "eating" strike…maybe?

 A strange mix of weather.  Cold and breezy in the morning.  Blazing sun and heat during lunch, then a few more sprinkles.  But you couldn’t ask for a better time!

To add a little more kayaking flair to my story, I head out Sunday on a powerboat with friends who had gotten skunked during the derby.  Four rods for 6 hours and zero strikes.  Maybe my kayak really is more optimal in catching fish! Lol.

Great times, slow fishing.  But who can complain!!! Thanks to the Homer Chamber and the entire community for holding this great event!  We willdefinitely be back!!!!

So a fairly unedited video.  My Friday and Sat fish.

A few pictures:

I should add I did manage a king on March 8 as well!  Three kings in March!! Insane!!!