Thursday, August 01, 2013

Middle Kenai River

Decided to float the middle Kenai River with my kayak. First time on my kayak, second time ever! Hard to believe since I grew up in Kenai. I used to be a meat fisherman so I know the lower Kenai like the back of my hand but never the Middle.

I pedal a mile to the inlet of the River. Hundreds of reds jumping. Tried trolling a dodger and mini hoochies for about 20 minutes but nothing.

Tried an oversized egg sucking leech pattern for a little bit. One good strike. Switched to a red flesh fly with bead and managed several strikes and two small rainbows of maybe 14 inches. I got to Kenai Keyes where a pig roast was going on! Great break! They had 4 to 6 fishermen in the water for about 4 hours and had 7 reds to show for it. Pretty slow. I saw maybe 2 reds hooked on my way down by maybe 30 total fishermen.

Below Kenai Keyes the water clarity diminished and I only go one more quasi strike and the float was over.

What a beautiful section of river. I was impressed with how my Hobie Outback performed. Hands free kayaking and the ability to slip downstream hugging the shoreline in a very controlled fashion makes it the ideal one man rig. 

I can't wait to try plugs and side drifting a bobber and roe or jig combo for the silvers. I'm betting if I can improve my abilities in fly fishing this Hobie is going to be the ultimate craft to fish as a single person for the Kenai. Oh, disclaimer. I have no ties to Hobie other than I own one! Lol, been accused of that before.