Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anchor Point April 21, 2012

Met up with Kenai-guy and RimfireMatt from the NWKA forums for the first time.

Launched out of Anchor Point but not much action.  We were targeting Kings and Halibut.  But we only ended up with two Irish Lords for three kayaks.  Not much bait on the sonar and no other power boats in the area.  Seas were a tad choppy.  three to four foot rollers every now and then but nothing unmanageable.

More exercise and gear prep for that inevitable takedown from a King!!!!!

Homer, AK April 7 & 8

First Kayak trip of the year!  Saturday was windy with good chop on the water.  Not much to report other than it was the first outing of the year.  Saw some bait on the sonar but couldn't get anything to hit.  Pretty rough first trip.  About 5.5 hours on the water and by the end of the day my legs were cramping up and I was dead tired.  I was so tired that when I tried to load my kayak on to the car, I just sat and watched it fall off my car twice!  I didn't even move to try and stop it.  Sad...

Sunday was better but nothing again...not even bait fish on the sonar.  I took a picture to show how flat it was and 5 minutes later the wind changes direction and its choppy.  Got to be careful of that afternoon breeze when fishing Homer. Still the second day was MUCH easier than the first day.  Just getting ready for the new season!  It only gets better from here!!!!!