Sunday, January 06, 2013

Ice fishing Big Lake Char - Strike caught on underwater video

Haven’t been fishing in a while so I had to give it a go at Big Lake.  Took the Qwikfish shelter but it was warm enough that I didn’t need it.  Besides you can see a lot more if you have your face right up against the water.  My goal today other than catch fish was to try and get some underwater footage.

Get there about noon.  Set up in about 15 feet of water.  Water was pretty murky and it was hard to see the bottom.  Started off with a large doctor spoon.  I catch my first fish, about a 20 incher, while checking the depths.  While fast action is always welcome, I didn’t have my underwater setup ready. 
I manage a nice fat rainbow that might go 18 inches.  I may have underwater footage of this fish but I didn’t get it on this sequence.  Too much footage to go through. 

But the final fish of the day pays off.  I had felt bumps on my spoon and when I peered down the hole I could see smaller fish cruising by.  So I switched to a home tied jig and sent it down. I usually fish under a small dodger but I forgot mine this trip.  You can see the small sticklebacks attacking my swivel and jig.  I had a hard time seeing from directly above.  Pretty impressed with the gopro 2.  Haven’t picked up the third generation yet.

Well you can see for yourself!  A pretty nice fish.  

Here’s the video: