Tuesday, March 05, 2013

First Open water attempt for 2013 - Homer

Spring Fever setting in… 

Had to take the Kayak out given the weather conditions.  With the Homer King derby just a few weeks away, drove down to Homer to put a few hours on the kayak.  I tried from the Ferry dock all the way out to the Green Can with very little results.  In fact I was very surprised to see my sonar didn’t light up with something under the birds.  The outfall was definitely kicking “seafood waste” out but nothing.  I even slowed down trolling right where the birds were and nothing.  There was even someone fishing from shore and I didn’t see him hook up to anything. 

So the Spit out to the green can was a bust.  Nothing on the sonar which leads to zero confidence.  So I plan to review my strategy for the winter king derby.  I may just bite the bullet and waste several precious hours getting over and back from the China Poot/Sadie Cove area of the Bay. 

Three weeks is a long time for things to change.  If I can hit the area one more time in a week or two, I will see about the bait in the area.  But I think now the strategy is to get up earlier & start the crossing as soon as I think it’s safe.  If I can start fishing at 9am, I am good with fishing till 3 pm and taking 3 hours to cover 3 to 4 miles plus the drive to the weigh in.   

I will say that March 2 is the EARLIEST I have ever fished from a vessel in Alaska.  I love these kayaks!!!!