Monday, August 13, 2012

Halibut from a Kayak!

Finally got out to do a little more kayak fishing. Could you have asked for a better day weather wise? I don't think so! 

The chickens were out in force. Fished maybe 3 hours and had consistent action from halibut. Too bad they were all between 10 and 15 pounds. Boated maybe a dozen of them in 65 feet of water. Kept two and it's amazing how much meat you can get from these fish. 

Saw porpoises, otters, and seals. Saw salmon hopping around but couldn't tell what they were. Trolled for a bit but never did hook up. The interesting thing about today was even though I was soaking herring, the only fish I caught were halibut. No Irish lords, no cod, no skates...nothing other than halibut. 

I did land a few halibut that were just covered with large sea lice. Looked healthy otherwise but looked a little creepy. Didn't see any that seemed soft or thin. 

Kenai River Dipnetting for sockeyes

Went out with Amy, Sean, and Martin.  Not super fast action but no complaints about 85 over about 3 hours.  The same boat with different families landed 125 the day before.  Here's a video sped up to show what it's like.