Saturday, December 03, 2011

Big Lake Dec 3, 2011

So the forecast is for BAAAAD weather.  But in Alaska that means 33 deg F.  Got on the lake around noon to see some folks in the area I usually fish.  But as I was unpacking, they took off.  Too bad!

33 deg F means it was 50 degrees warmer than at 6am Last Sunday at Big Lake.  Too be honest, I prefer the 17 below!  The drive back was HEINOUS! I counted at least a dozen vehicles in the hour drive from Wasilla to Anchorage.  But no one cares about the drive, let's talk fishing.

I set up in the other folk's hole and its about 20 feet.  Too deep to try the underwater videos.  The water was a bit dingy as well.  So I decide to set the gopro on top and see if this "gift" hole will produce.

First 5 minutes, I impale an immature salmon about 8 inches long.  Remarkable considering I was using a 5 inch long spoon!  Well you can't keep salmon so back it goes.

After a few more minutes, I decide I really want to see the fish so I prop my rod on my chair and go punch some more holes shallow.  I know better than to prop up my rod like that.  But I am using a spoon and nothing is going to hit it while it just hangs there right?  WRONG!  Well you are just going to have to watch the video to see the outcome.  If you recall last weeks video had me dropping my rod down the hole.  Will history repeat itself???  Watch the vid.

I did manage two rainbows, 14 and 16 inches long.  Once again remarkable given I am using a 5 inch spoon.  I impaled the smaller one smack in the middle of the head and eye so I kept it.  I released the 16 incher.

It's nice and comfy until the wind picks up.  Then comes the freezing rain! So I did pop up the shelter eventually.

The horror story of the day is I managed to impale a big gamakatsu  single siwash hook THROUGH my fingernail of my index finger.  OUCH!  I thought it was going to end the day.  Just gripped and ripped since I had no choice...once again, gotta watch the video.  But I managed to keep my nail and so I kept fishing!  But not to sound like a wimp, but I am ALLERGIC to PAIN!  OWIE!

Not a bad day except for the drive and the impaled finger.  Not sure if I will venture out tomorrow with the road conditions!