Monday, September 21, 2015

Review of Truth Sg Reel (Formerly known as Release Reels)

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Truth SG reel Review
I won a Release Sg (recently renamed to Truth Reels) reel in a fishing tournament two years ago.  It sat for a while unused as my Avet Sx reels were my primary go to reels at the time.  Tp be honest, I thought the Release/Truth reel seemed a little too light to really hold up to the rigors of the typical fishing I do.  25 pounds of Drag on this small lightweight reel?? chance, right?
Well I am happy to report that it is now my primary reel of choice for everything from 5 pound pink salmon to 100 pound or larger halibut.  I load it with 50 lbs braid and out of a kayak, I believe I can land any sportfish on the planet that hits my line. The smooth drag combined with the lever drag should allow me to tighten up and get towed all day long by any huge fish.  
The initial reel “feel” is a bit misleading as it doesn’t come out of the box or repair facility as smooth as one might expect. But after some reading, they do tell you in advance that it comes this way and with a short break in period, it is as smooth as any reel I have tried. 
Current specs on the reel are:
•             WEIGHT: 13.2 OZ
•             GEAR RATIO: 6:1
•             34” PER CRANK
•             MAX DRAG: STRIKE 18#, Full 25#
•             CAPACITY: MONO 20# 275 YDS
•             CAPACITY: BRAID 50# 375 YDS
•             CARBON DRAG WASHER
They have a limited life time warranty which I got to test. I absolutely abuse my gear more than I should.  I love my Avet reels but after a while, even several nights of continued saltwater exposure they tend to seize up.  The Release/Truth reels were MUCH more tolerant.  Yet, after several years of heavy use and frankly abuse, there came a time where I had to send the reels in for repair and maintenance.  They have a standard $25 fee to cover shipping and handling as well as the repairs.  It was 100%  my fault for the damage I had caused, yet they only charged me an extra $25 and I got back a reel that was as good as new.  Given the components they replaced, I thought it was a SUPER good deal.  
The bottom line, ever since I started using my Release/Truth Sg reels I have yet to use my Avet reels.  I highly recommend these reels!  Quality appears to be very high and their service was outstanding.

Here's one of my better videos showing the truth reels coming through for me.  First place AND Second Place fish at 2015 Alaska Yak Classic!!

I have the clicker on at all times because I can't afford a backlash on the water, and it makes for better video in my opinion when you can clearly tell when the fish is taking out line.