Monday, April 29, 2013

Sadie Cove, Kachemak Bay

Michele and I take Ashore Water Taxi to Sadie Cove. Good thing we did.  The water coming back was 5 footers from ALL directions!  But we were inside a cove so it was perfect. Flat calm water in the cove, blowing 20knts and 3 footers and wind chop outside the cove so it Michele a wide range of water to try.

She wanted to paddle so she took the mini-x.  Very very few clams, no halibut. One take down that had to be a king.  Other than that it was pollock and flounders.

This area will be awesome when more fish show.  We will do it again!

First video was me peddling my outback while Michele was taking pictures.  We just put paddles across and it moved both kayaks reasonably well.  This makes me think I should do something like this or when I first take the kids out.

Adak, AK

April 5

So I'm in Adak for work and had some downtime. Of course I packed my rods! The only problem with Adak is it's ALWAYS super windy which makes fishing especially from shore tough. But I pulled out my salmon rods and gave it a shot right off the rocks and managed probably the biggest black rockfish and biggest greenling I ever caught!

The locals tell me halibut are close by, Hmmm....maybe I should cart my Kayak out here!

Well not the most exciting report but something different!!! For you hunters, I must have seen at least 100 ptarmigan in various places in the middle of the city. I think I saw an emperor goose. I'll have to study the pics later.

A few pics of the catch. For reference the spoon is a 1 oz. Krockadile spoon!

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Homer winter king tournament

March 23.

The drive down from Anchorage on Friday starts out ominously with a blizzard warning. We run into the forecasted weather at Girdwood. I've attached a pic of the kayak at a break in Cooper Landing.
But as we approach Homer, things are looking better. Red Sky at night, sailors' delight. Is that how it goes???
Morning comes and it looks pretty breezy. Load up onto six wheelers and four wheelers and headed up to Bluff Pt. It wasn't easy picking through the rock fields.
Morning starts out a bit sporty. I'd guess solid three footers with an occasionally larger swells that would roll through. But the wave period seemed long so it never felt unsafe.
But in the afternoon the sun comes out and the ocean calms a bit.
Oh yeah, the fishing report. Well that's about it. Not a single touch. My friends on the powerboat didn't get a strike either. I guess like KK says, there were 162 fish landed for 733 anglers. We then handicapped ourselves by fishing an area that intel said had fewer but larger fish. And oh yeah, we fished out of kayaks. lol.
I still had a great time! Spending all day battling it out with the power boats a few miles offshore was great! Good eats and free beer afterwards! I'll be back!
Still that's three trips totaling 15 hours without a strike. I am due!!! It will happen. It only gets better from here. In mid to late April they will be more accessible from our traditional launches further north.
As for events, our group will be out in force for the Anchor Point Calcutta King Tournament usually scheduled for mid-May!!!