Monday, April 29, 2013

Adak, AK

April 5

So I'm in Adak for work and had some downtime. Of course I packed my rods! The only problem with Adak is it's ALWAYS super windy which makes fishing especially from shore tough. But I pulled out my salmon rods and gave it a shot right off the rocks and managed probably the biggest black rockfish and biggest greenling I ever caught!

The locals tell me halibut are close by, Hmmm....maybe I should cart my Kayak out here!

Well not the most exciting report but something different!!! For you hunters, I must have seen at least 100 ptarmigan in various places in the middle of the city. I think I saw an emperor goose. I'll have to study the pics later.

A few pics of the catch. For reference the spoon is a 1 oz. Krockadile spoon!

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