Sunday, August 21, 2005

Second entry into my Washington state fishing Blog! WooHoo!!!!!! It should be my third but man am I getting lazy! Not good.

Well last weekend I went out and tried some more surf fishing. Took the camera but being drenched in saltwater, I decided against using the camera. I caught a total of 7 keeper surfperch in about 3 hours. Not bad. Caught a bunch more undersized dungeness crab and a few more smaller perch. I opted to use a lighter rod which limited my casting range.

The bite is definitely the best about 2 hours after low tide. The perch appeared to be in range of my lighter tackle for only about an hour but it was a lot more fun than using a rod that I would consider overkill for even the King Salmon in Alaska. I used clam necks on a size 4 gamakatsu hook. I also caught a few using a red and white crappie jig with a piece of Berkely Gulp artificial crab. I just tore off a chunk of the crab and sweetened the jig and it seemed to work well.

Well the story today is that I caught my first "real" large mouth bass. It was 18 inches and I guess it was 3 pounds or better. Nothing huge but it was pretty cool. It came on a 4 inch motor oil colored worm rigged texas style. I pulled it out of a bunch of lily pads. Snapped a few pictures then released it.
The other "cool" thing was that minutes earlier using the same worm, I caught a really nice perch.
The perch was nothing huge but the thing that allows it to make my fishing highlights is that it's the first fish I have ever caught on a rubber worm. Now that may not seem like a big deal but ever since I was a kid, I read about how everyone catches fish using the plastic worms. It took me forever to figure out how to rig the worm weedless style.

Until you catch a few fish on any new lure or rig, you just don't have the confidence in it. So now I can say I have confidence in the worm rig. It worked pretty much as advertised. Snaked through the lily pads without hanging up and when a fish hit, they pretty much engulfed it and held on for a few seconds allowing me to set the hook. I was amazed that my super ultralight rod had enough backbone to bury the hook, but it seemed to work okay especially since I had berkley fireline and gamkatsu hooks. Just goes to show you that even an old dog like me can learn new tricks!!!


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