Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whittier Herring & Pollock

So I decided I better get at least some kind of fishing in.  Had a few hours to kill so I decided I would go try the herring thanks to KK's report earlier with my kayak.

Started off decent.  Much bigger herring than normal.  I'd say purple label size. Filled a gallon ziplock bag in about an hour and all of the sudden it turned off. All I was catching was pollock. My sonar was still lit up more like baitfish so I thought I'd drop a gopro down to see what I could see.  Well I think a lot of one area was bubbles in the water from what I am guessing is decomposing fish waste.  But as my gopro neared the bottom, it was a big school of pollock. 

Here's a short video.  Sorry about the motion of the camera.  I'll have to figure out a way to stabilize it better.



Daniel said...

Cool stuff Rudy

od lures said...

Good video, all the fish in the bottom.

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