Sunday, November 24, 2013

Homer Winter Kings Nov 24, 2013

I got back Saturday afternoon from Seattle and scrambled to get studs put on the truck.  Managed to get everything done so I set the alarm for 4:30 am and get out the door by 6am.  Drive down wasn't too bad...normal winter conditions unlike the black ice we have been having lately.  Get to Homer around 10:00.

I immediately notice there is no bait where I have been fishing.  I search around and discover all of the marks on my sonar are not shallow anymore but at least 50ft down in 80 to 120 ft of water.  So I go back to the truck to install my down rigger.  Definitely helped...with the pollock.  After not hooking anything for an hour or more, I start consistently hooking pollock deeper down.  At least its something.  After getting tired of dealing with the pollock, I try to shallow up to avoid the pollock and final get hit.  really the only good hit of the day.

Fish didn't even know it was hooked until it was right up to the boat.  Not that it had any chance with 65lbs spectra and 50lbs fluorocarbon leader.  Not taking ANY chances!!! LoL.  The gear is actually more to insure I don't break off a halibut and the thicker leader imparts more action to the hooch's I was using anyways.  It was just a hair over 8lbs on my handheld scale.  As many of these sub 10 pound kings I have caught this year, next year should be a BANNER year for these kings!!!

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