Monday, February 02, 2015

February 1 - Super Bowl King!!!!

So I skip the Super Bowl to try and land my February King.  The weather is colder than forecast hitting -8 deg F in Sterling.  I was hoping it's not 20 deg colder than the forecast in Homer like it was for Sterling.

Get on the water around Noon for a 1pm High tide.  Not much action on the sonar until about 3pm when I start seeing bait stack up in front of the condos.  The water was siltier than usual but I began to hit some nice Pacific Cod and even a decent yellow fin sole.

The weather in homer was around 30 deg so it wasn't too bad until the winds started picking up.  Probably maxed out at 15 mph winds but it was chilly!

Still how can you complain?  29.5 inches and as fat as any winter salmon I have ever caught.  So I missed the Super Bowl but managed a nice king!

Used a customized fish flash flasher and red label herring.  This fish marks the 6th consecutive month (Sep - Feb) I have caught and kept a king from my kayak!  Seems unreal even to me!!!

The kayak is amazing in so many ways.  Not only does it let me access waters that hold fish, but it is MUCH easier on the wallet and nerves to car top my kayak than it would be to trailer a 28 ft dual 150HP powerboat through the snowy mountain passes on a 450 mile round trip!

Here's a minute and forty second video:

A few pictures


Shannone said...
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Quin Trent said...

You caught a lot of different types of fish on your Alaskan fishing trip. Even if it was the Super Bowl weekend, it must have been a great way to spend it. That is how I wish I would have spent my Super Bowl weekend. Fishing is one of my favorite things to do and it is just so relaxing.

Shannone said...

that was big and huge...
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