Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Homer Winter King Derby! Out fished by Ryu again!!!!

Ryu and I enter the Homer Winter King Derby along ten or so other kayak anglers.  We had a great time!!!

Ryu is the first Kayaker to hook up and he did great!  Despite dad yelling instruction (which he couldn't follow himself later to lose a big coming), Ryu keeps his composure and successfully lands the fish with me netting the fish.

At first Ryu thought he was reeling in a pollock as the king steadily swam towards him.  Once at the kayak, Ryu realizes that its no pollock...not even a small king...but a possible contender!  He was worried about the fish coming off because he felt he had not set the hook at all, but that point was moot after the fish takes a screaming run after it sees the kayak.  I had to hustle to get over there because I thought it was something smaller as well.  

Its hard to fully understand without being a parent but I'd like to think just about every parent would do just about anything to make their kids happy.  I think Ryu is generally a happy kid.

How fun is it to see them smile and get a big thank you for a long awaited Birthday gift or Christmas present?   That kind of happiness is something to cherish.  But how often do you get to make a kid so happy that he loses a little composure like he does in the video below. Ok, sorry buddy that I have to embarrass you a little bit, but this has to be the best video out of 200 I have ever shot!!!!

Ok, we didn't win any of the official prizes though he was only a pound off of winning the youth division (youth winner was off a powerboat of course) and maybe 18oz from making a top 20 finish!!!  But without a doubt, I think I was the biggest winner of the day along with Ryu.

This experience is going to be tough to beat.  Video is a tad longer than normal, but his reaction after landing the fish is priceless.  Its something I know I will remember forever.  I hope he does too.

I am proud of ya buddy!

Here's the video:

A few pictures


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