Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer 2016 update

This summer, though I think most Alaskans would say we have had a great summer, the weather from a kayaking perspective has been brutal.  Constant Southwest winds meant big surf in Lower Cook Inlet and Homer.

I need to do a better job of keeping up with the blogs, but I do post a lot of my adventures online.

So here are a few videos and short commentary on the few days I did get out this summer

May 15th.

So in my previous post I mentioned Ryu caught a nice 40 pound halibut.  He is becoming quite the fisherman!

May 27th

A family outing!  Anyone can do this!!  My 14 year old daughter joins us and we manage a nice limit of chickens.  Nothing huge, but when you can keep 6, these were perfect eating size!!!

July 16th

Ryu out of 2 dozen anglers wins the 2nd annual BArbaie Rod classic with a 45 pounder!  Great job Ryu!!!

July 18th

What?  No kayak?  Ok, we went shore fishing for reds.  Action wasn't fast, but we did manage a few nice reds!!!

Aug 6th

We try Homer due to bad weather and though its earlier than normal, Ryu and I manage some nice feeder kings!

Aug 8th

The biggest halibut of the year for us.  a 73 pounder off Anchor Point


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