Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anchor Point Saltwater : May 21, 2011

After checking the weather, I decided I would try Seward by the Fourth of July Creek area since Anchor Point seemed too marginal weather wise.  Get to Seward and the weather there was not so hot either  Tried it for a couple of hours.  Had three solid hits but all three time I came back up with no bait or just the head.  I have no idea what it was. It felt fairly heavy but not overly active all three times.

About 2pm I check the weather and make a call to the tractor launch in Anchor Point.  One footers?  What?  They were calling for 3 and 4 footers.  Darn weather forecasters.  So I high tail to Anchor Point area and I am in the water fishing by 6pm for a 7:30pm high tide.  Rigged a whole herring to roll.   Drifting the bottom, then paddle against the wind to reposition and drift again,

2 cods and 3 Irish Lords in the first 30 minutes. Well at least the fish are active.

About the the 4th time I repositioned in about 35 feet of water, I get hit and the line starts peeling.  I just stare at my rod for a few seconds in disbelief and it is definitely not the bottom.  Wow!

That's the third king in three trips for my kayak group,  It's the second one for me in three trips and the time I didn't get one, I got a 14 pound halibut.  Amazing.

The king was definitely a feeder.  Absolutely no roe or milt.  It was STUFFED with 6 hooligans and several sand lances.

Not huge but 34 inches.  Probably a touch over 20 pounds given the length and girth.

The final odd thing was as I was loading the kayak up, the  "Time Bandit" from the "Deadliest Catch" shows up, drops a skiff, picks some folks up and then they take off again.  I wonder what they were doing in Cook Inlet? 30 minutes earlier, I was battling my king in the exact same spot.


fishonbruceak said...

Hey Rudy

Great video of the fish. I have to say one has to have their act together pretty well to accomplish that task in a kayak. I appreciated the leader cut rather than dehooking. Smart and quick. You were asking about Time Bandit. They homeport in Homer and are in town for the Memorial Dya weekend for some family celebrations (per a mutual friend).

Keep up the good posts!!

Rudy T said...

Thanks! We've been pretty fortunate. It's been a blast so far and to think it's not even June yet!