Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 14, 2011  Anchor Point Calcutta King Derby.

So for the first time ever in the 17 year history of this derby, 4 kayakers entered the tournament.  The team consisted of Mark C, Lori C, Greta, and Rudy.  I know Mark from the Alaska Outdoor Forums.

The marine forecast for Saturday calls for South 20mph, Seas 4 ft.  Hmmm..that's past my comfort zone especially since I am taking Greta who has been in a kayak twice and will be using a newly acquired Perception pescadore 12 footer.

We wake up to North 10, Seas 2ft.  Sweet!  thank you forecasters for being wrong AGAIN!

The day starts out at low slack and the action is fast and furious.  I was the last to launch and before I am on the water the team lands 2 or 3 fish...Irish Lords....great...  But the bite is on and fish are active.  Within 5 minutes of trolling my rod goes off and its peeling line!  THIS IS NO SCULPIN!  Yeehaw!  But soon with the head shakes I realize its not a salmon.  Up comes a 32 inch halibut which by the weight charts would be 14 pounds.  After dealing with it, I have no idea what I am going to do with a 50 pounder.  We will deal with that when it happens...

The rest of the day goes by with a Irish Lord here, a cod there, one more teeny halibut but nothing more.  Greta says she needs to be heading back around 3pm.  So at 2:30pm we call it a day and start paddling to shore.

100 yards from the launch Greta hooks up!  SWEET!  LAST CAST" pays off once again!  As long as your line is in the water you have a CHANCE!  It was amazing to see how fast the fish was pulling her kayak around.

Greta does great.  Rudy...D-minus!!!  The only reason I get a passing grade is we GOT THE FISH!  There's no sense trying to explain everything when I have a video that really says it all.

Tournament money on the line, the tournament's first ever fish caught from a kayak, Greta's first sport caught king EVER let alone from a kayak. Could there be ANY MORE PRESSURE??? I CHOKED!  Clear and simple.  But you can see on the video that the fish seemed to be taking off the other way but still.  No excuses.  Happy and a HUGE relief that we landed her nice 25 pound fish!

Met some great people, had a great time, and I feel every bit as good as if I caught the fish.  Well better really.  So satisfying to see happy smiling people because you helped them (well sort of "helped" them this time) catch a memorable fish!

PART I of the video: The team and Rudy's halibut

Part II: Greta First EVER KING!

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