Sunday, October 02, 2011

Upper Kenai. Oct 2, 2011

It's a terrible video but it commemorates my first trip EVER on the Upper Kenai and also my first real "Hello!" to winter.

No fish.  I had no clue as to what to do.  But no matter.  The takeout at Jim's Landing came MUCH sooner than I wanted it to.  I'll take my time next time. It just rained rained and rained!

Hard to believe it's my first time ever since I grew up in Kenai (1971)  and have been an avid fisherman since I was 5 years old!  I have passed that section of river a thousand times...literally.  But I had never fished it.  I know ever rock and hole from Pillars down to the Kenai City Dock, but I had NEVER fished above Swiftwater Park on the Kenai except at the bridge in Cooper Landing.

It's the first time EVER on a boat above the Soldotna bridge!

It's a good thing the takeout came MUCh earlier than I expected.  I ran into a BLIZZARD on the way back.

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akfishergal said...

Hey Rudy! I'm heading down to fish the Upper Kenai this week, either Tuesday, Friday or Saturday are good days in my schedule for my final Kenai float of the season. I have some intelligence on this fishery to share with you -- flies, sizes, holes over the season. Isn't that a gorgeous stretch of water? Especially when it isn't choked with other fishermen!

Rudy T said...


I could use all the help I can get. I was tempted to rig up for salmon since I can catch those fairly well but stuck to my guns for trout. I am relatively new at flyfishing and it was my first time on the upper so its a STEEP learning curve!

I have a 4wt, 5wt (pack rod) , and a 9wt. But frankly I am more adept at using my long spin rods and floats for flies. But I'll keep trying.

It was frustrating. I could see 12 to 20 inch rainbows rising in front of me every 5 minutes or so. Just couldn't not get them to hit my offerings. My 6mm bead selection was limited but I threw everything I had at them which reinforces the operator error line of thought!

Board meeting Wednesday but I may take Friday off. I want to hit the Upper as often as I can but will opt to try the Homer Winter King fishing if the weather allows.

Let me know when ya go! I am a TERRIBLE fishing partner because I decide last minute but I am always up for good advice!!!

akfishergal said...

OK, I'll let you know when I'm heading down this week. I tend to pull the trigger on trips pretty spontaneously too, sometimes not knowing until late the night before if I'm able to head out. Having seen the forecast, I can't put my boat up yet.

Did you see many silvers still in the river? When I'm fishing for rainbows, I normally use my 5 wt and this time of year I start out throwing the biggest flesh flies I can manage, floated on a dead drift. I'm starting to like those articulated flesh flies best of all -- something about the action can't be resisted by the big 'bows and Dollies. I don't think I'd be very successful at fly fishing in waters elsewhere in the USA, but I can hold my own here in the land of streamers, egg sucking leaches, flesh flies and beads.

Rudy T said...

I saw a few silvers that darted upriver. Only a couple of "red" reds meandering around. Not as many as I would have expected though.

Board meeting Wednesday. I may take a day off somewhere. Weather in Kachemak Bay is looking do-able as well.

I use a 4wt and my casting is atrocious. I am surprised I don't have permanently pierced ear rings (or "back of the head" rings) that look a lot like the flies I use.

I also want to pencil in a Skilak Lake to Bings run.

Too many things to do! Not enough time!!!!!!

Rudy T said...

Ok! Took Friday off. Might show up for work for a little bit but plan on being on the water prior to noon. So it's the upper river on Saturday. If I get there early enough, I may try bridge to Jim's. But most likely Sportman's to Jim's. Just find a good hole and throw everything I have!!!

I was going to try Homer but I am going to wait. Not enough information to justify the drive.

I have an event Saturday evening so I plan to hit it early and leave early. Who knows about Sunday! Might even try the middle river!

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