Sunday, November 06, 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

Well here I am trying to decide whether to go fishing or not.  It just seems insane to leave given the weather conditions.  Not so much for the fishing but for the drive.  Decent amounts of snow all over including Anchorage.  If this was the dead of winter and I was going ice fishing, I wouldn't even think twice about it.  But the first few weeks of snowfall, people aren't used to the conditions and many have yet to change over to snow tires.  No matter how careful I may be, you have to watch out for the other drivers.  And not to sound too arrogant, I don't trust them at all!

So I hate to admit defeat but it's just not worth it.  Time to clean the garage and shovel the driveway.  Hopefully it just makes me hungrier to go again...wait scratch that, one of the major reason I wanted to go was to burn off the excess calories I ate while in Texas.    Maybe I will go look at ice augers.....

So the decision process went as follows:

The marine weather looks marginal.....

Kenai River flows near cooper landing is still very high but snow river is finished dumping into the lake. So MAYBE it's fishable....

I hear there is four inches of ice on smaller lakes up north and this site tells me ice is forming on Big Lake though I wouldn't recommend trying that yet!!  A great page to check Big Lake conditions.

So I thought I'd try Whittier or Seward today.  Just some exploring with no real hopes of catching fish.

So I loaded the yak inside the garage, my daughter wakes up and says "have you looked outside?" Uhhh...No, why?...ACK!  Maybe I should have looked first!!!!

The internet sure is handy!  So I thought I'd check other sources.  Here's what I am looking at:
 Russian River Ferry 7:45am
 Portage Turn off 7:45am
 Whittier Tunnel Staging area 7:45am
 Whittier Access road 7:45am

Uhhh..No, I don't think so.  BUMMER!!!!!


akfishergal said...

Now that's what I call a fine example of executive decision-making skill... Good call! I just drove from west side to east side, and nearly got side-swiped. Twice!

Rudy T said...

Ya, thanks! Wow..nice bow in your avatar! There was a nice head on wreck at 3pm. I would have been on the water but I still would have been stuck behind it. I hate to say it but I am going to fish consistently, I am going to need to gear up for ice fishing. Still gonna try to hit the open water as much as possible but its that time!

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