Monday, November 14, 2011

Video editing practice

Well you know its bad when I have to post about my video editing but I wanted to document it so my apologies to folks who are looking for a fishing video.  So as you may know, I condensed my season down to 12 minutes of video.  But then someone posted the new gopro 2 ad on a forum and I was stunned.  I am pretty sure the super slow motion was done using Twixtor software which is out of my league but the rest of it looked like something I could edit.

So I tried my best to shorten the 12 minute video down even further.  the to try something new I used the audioswap feature on youtube which basically just replaces the audio with music.

I just hit "I feel lucky", got some heavy metal tune I had never heard of before, but it seemed to match the video so I just kept it after making a few tweaks to get the intro to match.  But I don't think its the way to go but it wasn't a bad first effort.  I need to do something where I can lay background music but also get the important sounds of the environment like drags screaming, fish splashing, me scremaing in pain as I whack my leg with the fish bonker.  lol.

So here's the two minute practice video.  I'll post below that the original 12 minute highlight video.  I wanted to keep all the clips ones I shot with my gopro (The 720p version). So a few clips have been removed and a few added.  tried to emulate a few for the editing tricks I saw in the go pro ad like stop frame, speed up and stop, etc.  I thought it turned out ok.  So here it is:

And here below is the original 12 minute version:

Here's the KILLER Gopro ad that was the inspiration:

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