Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fox Island, Resurrection Bay AK May 25

One post out of order.  This trip was prior to my run down to Whiskey Gulch.

Michele and I decide to take a water taxi out to Fox Island Spit.  We get to Miller's landing only to run into a dreary super foggy day.  We get off to a late start with one boat having engine problems but we are delayed less than an hour. 

As we get dropped off, dall porpoises are everywhere.  But more importantly, it seemed like every cove we passed had jumping salmon in it.  Not crazy numbers but ones and two's every few minutes almost in every cove.  The sockeye are coming!!! 

I stuck to bottom fishing.  Maybe a half dozen quillback rockfish that I kept one.  One small dusky rockfish and one small yelloweye.   

So the fishing continues to be slow for me, but I love the fact that I am getting out!  There was a day not too many years ago that my Memorial Day would have signaled the start of my open water fishing.  Though I am not doing as much catching versus fishing, this has been a great way to extend the season via my Kayak. 

Having Michele around is like having your own personal photographer.  So once again the highlight of the trip is not the fish, but the pictures Michele was able to capture!  Even then, she missed a few great opportunities.  Sort of like fishing.  You can put yourself in the right spot with the right equipment but it still takes a LOT of luck and perseverance to get that one great shot! 
 One example was she had sealions within 10 yards of her but they insisted on following her so she could never get the shot behind her.  lol.

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