Monday, May 27, 2013

Whiskey Gulch Halibut...singular. But a great sunrise!

After sleeping most of the day on Sunday after our Fox Island trip, I was wide awake at 10pm so no choice but to make the run down to Whiskey Gulch after hearing the reports here and from friends. On the water at 4am.

The Inlet was glass calm. Well the fishing was slow. One halibut, one irish lord, and one flounder. Did see a humpback whale, and another whale that almost look like an Orca but I only saw the large dorsal fin...headed right at me. Never did see it again.

I will say I caught the most beautiful sunrise EVER this morning. The photos in the video are untouched taken 5 to 10 minutes apart with my iphone no less! It was crazy! It looked EXACTLY like it did in the picture. Well, at least the small halibut probably paid for the gas if I were to buy the fish retail here in town. Gotta do more catching and less fishing! The sequence below is in order.


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