Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homer Feeder Kings - Sept 20, 2014

I hear the Homer Elks King derby is Oct 4 & 5 so I thought I better go check out the action. I am still not sure whether I am fishing it out of a power boat or a kayak.

Launched by Land's End around 2pm to hit the falling tide. The good news, in the first 30 minutes I pull up a half dozen kings. The bad news, they averaged about 16 inches long. Nice thick chunky, but small kings.

Over the course of the next 4 hours, I manage three solid big fish strikes. Hooked 2, landed 1. As always, the fish I lost seemed much bigger. But I did manage a 10 to 12 pounder plus I kept one of the larger "shakers" that was a bleeder.

The pollock have thinned out but still too many to be using bait or a down rigger, I used a deep six diver, to a flasher, to a needlefish hoochie. Worked great!

Good to see tons of bait and a lot of the smaller kings. I am hoping the larger fish will chase the soon to spawn sandlances closer to shore. I did hear that another kayaker managed a king further North. So they are there and available!!! 

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