Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Homer Feeder Kings Sept 28

So I tried again Sunday off the spit. Got on the water at first light expecting great things. It was not to be. The odd thing was I bet I only caught a dozen pollock which is about a tenth of what I caught last week.

The small one ocean kings are still plentiful Caught maybe a dozen of them. Kept a few of the bleeders and one larger "jack".

The ocean was flat calm until about 1pm and then it got pretty nasty really quick.
What I did notice on the few I kept were that the sandlances inside of them were all miniature versions. Maybe an inch or two max long and super skinny. The large king last week had full sized sandlances in them. Need the adult sandlances to move closer into shore I think.

So here's the quick video. Could have done a little better job on releasing the fish but I didn't want to grip them too tightly.

Minimal editing, only in 480P resolution to document the day. Hopefully we will find the fish on the powerboats a little.

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