Monday, October 13, 2014

Homer Kings onboard the Sulty Dawg - Part Deux

After the mediocre results for our crew during Elk's Derby, we hit it again this weekend. We got outfished by most boats I think so we were determined to learn more about this fishery. 

I have to hand it to Shane with Driftwood Charters. He is a fish catching machine! Well he was nice enough to give me basic locations and depths. That narrowed down the water column considerably for us. It made a huge difference for us. 

Day one, the wind was HOWLING. We slowly made our way south to Halibut Cove. Managed a bunch of shakers and only really one "keeper". 

Day 2, we finally got to take advantage of Shane's advice. It made a HUGE difference. Instead of running gear all up and down the water column, we focused on the Intel Shane provided. We ran all three lines fairly close in depth. That resulted in a double hook up (landed both) and a triple takedown (landed 2). Finished the day with 7 kings over 10 pounds (we had proxies) Maybe 14 pound average. A dozen or more shakers and two in the 5 to 10 pound range. 

Hard to complain about that!!! Great day 2, but still lots of room for improvement!! Thanks Captain Shane!!!

A little head banging music mixed in to the video so turn down the volume if you don't like that kinda thing! lol.

With only three people on board the boat, it made for some tough filming.  How I managed to catch the triple takedown as my only decent video clip is beyond me.  haha!

For those with less bandwidth, here are a few pics!

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