Monday, October 27, 2014

Homer Feeder Kings in October. Lots of small fish! Oct 19 & 25

Well you know I have to hit the kings.  This year has been a very crazy year.  I have landed more kings than ever!  By a factor of ten!!!!  The problem is they average about 18 inches.  We had the same problem fishing off of powerboats but nothing like the area around the spit.

I bet over the two days I fished the past two weeks, I caught 50 of the kings under 20 inches.  What's even more amazing is that I bet I only caught 25 pollock.

As I look through my blogs, I notice that last year was similar with most of my better fish coming in November!  Gotta love it!  I still have one whole month of productive salmon fishing left!  Sweet!

I need to upgrade my gopro or at least figure out how to get the lens more clear.

Nothing exciting but here are two videos of nothing but small fish.  Action was fast and furious.  Just needs to be larger fish.

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