Wednesday, January 21, 2015

December 6th Homer Kings!

Well I think I heard the fat lady singing in the midst of trying to fish in 3 to 4 ft standing waves at the end of the spit.  The final ride of the year was a rodeo for much of the day.  Added to the excitement factor.  More than once I was sideways to a wave, leaned to brace to the extent you can in a Hobie holding the handles, and I am pretty sure my head was in the wall of water next to me.  lol.

Sonar reading was minimal.  Could not really find the activity but its always hit and miss when the tide is rising.  Caught my one dinker fish around high tide and was definitely seeing some more activity as the tide changed. Of course after trolling for hours, I caught it while just drifting around rummaging through my bag for a gear change.  I see my rod tip bounce then slack.  By the time I had gotten to my rod, the fish had just about jumped into the kayak with about 50ft of line still out.  Well, no video.  Argh.

Encountered a Blizzard in Ninilchik on the way down but the roads were fine for the most part.

Still, what a KILLER 2014 season. Fo me 2014, was the year of the halibut. But I did manage a few kings along the way.  Amazingly I don't think I caught a coho or even tried for them from a kayak this year.  Well that's new for me.  I have always been focused in on salmon, especially Kings.  It's probably for the best.  My family's palate make up has changed and I think halibut is now the preferred fish over salmon.

So now its time to start working on my highlight reels and spend some time with the family.

Thanks to everyone ere at NWKA!  Everyone here has been just super instrumental in getting me out fishing safety and productively!!!  All of YA ROCK!!!!!

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