Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 11 Homer Kings

Ok. Mice were pissing me off so I had to try something I knew more about.

Went to Homer. Beautimous day!!! I was roasting hot. Hard to believe it's JANUARY.

I hope it's not an omen but I went 1 for 3. The one I kept was pretty small. But hey it will eat great!!  Of course the two I missed seemed much larger from the way the rod doubled over.

To make matters worse, the small one I landed struck no more than 10 seconds after my first battery runs out. Argh.

So the fish are there. The tides were the worst possible but still got three strikes in 4.5 hours of fishing. Zero pollock. So I may run bait next time. I used 16oz lead to a flasher to a glow and green coho killer. Most action was 20 ft down in 60ft of water.

On the positive side this is a King every month from Sept to Jan. I wonder how long I can run this streak. Lol.


regnel smith said...

beautiful sunset at the beach, amazing!
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