Sunday, April 19, 2015

April King! EIGHT consecutive month from a Kayak!!!!

Having spent all last weekend at the Sportsman Show, I had to go fish.  But the weather forecast was not looking good for Homer.  Southwest winds are not fun off the spit.  Cook Inlet looks rough too.  Hmm... Seward looks good.  Well Ya never know.

Launched at Miller's landing.  Trolled around the area and out to Tonsina Creek.  I told myself I was fishing for Dollies but secretly I was hoping I would discover a king.  Not to be.  I didn't find either.  Tried deeper water for a bit.  Managed a quill back rockfish.

The whole time I am thinking to myself...only if I could fish Cook Inlet...Still it was a good day.

So before I go to bed, I check the weather.  Homer is still ugly.  But as I use the spot map forecast, I click right off of whiskey gulch and it says "light winds, 1ft to 2ft".  HUH???  I knew the swells would be fairly large even if the wind waves were small given the SW direction and the winds we have had the past few days.  Still, no pain. no gain.

Leave the house at 9am.  I drive through a blizzard at hope and then once again after Ninilchik.  Surf looks big!  But you can see the water right behind it is almost flat.  Ok, gotta try it.  On the water at 1pm.

It's snowing and sleeting to the point where it hurts.  I'm trolling a flasher and green able herring.  Started with 12oz, but lightened it up to 5oz to try shallower.  One hour into the session, over 25 ft of water, my rod doubles over.
SUH-WEEEEEET!!!!!!  It puts up a good battle but its no match for my halibut rod with 65lbs power pro and 80lbs flour leader.  lol.

So, if I want to fish halibut, I have to go a mile off shore.  The weather looks like its getting worse so I opt to head right back in.  I am loaded and up the hilt 3pm.  2 hours total from launch to load.  Hard to beat!  Did manage to drive through a heck of a snow storm.

So make it EIGHT consecutive months I have landed a king salmon off my kayak!  I have a hard time believing it.  But like I said in my seminars, it really is the kayak.

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