Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weather:Forecast vs Reality

Hate posting about no fish but maybe this will help others trying the area.  

So plans for Saturday was to hit Whiskey Gulch or Homer. But there forecast is for 3 ft in Homer with 20knt winds and 5 ft in Lower Cook Inlet. Even the spot forecast was reading 3-5 ft for Lower Cook Inlet.  

My alarm goes off at 3am. Weather looks nasty. Back in bed. Check again at 8am and it seems better. Not the forecast but the general wind conditions.

Check: the new K-Bay buoy

Check Wundermap.  Make sure you click weather stations.
Doesn't seem THAT bad...

So off I go. Flat tire at Hope. ARGH. Back to Anchorage. Decide I can hit the low slack at Whiskey Gulch. Forecast still remains similar. Get to the beach at 6:00pm. Current is raging with the big tides. Low tide is at 9:30pm. Sunset is at 9:30pm. I want to stay close to the launch so I fight the urge to jump in the water and wait till 7pm.  

Once I launch, I can hold position or move slightly up current. I stayed in front of the car basically the whole time. So at least with a Hobie, you can hold your position even on a big tide swing within 2 maybe 3 hours prior to high or low tide. The last hour and a half, I could freely do circles or move as I pleased. 

Fished halibut for an hour. trolled king for two. Nothing. But you can see the water is pretty flat. Glad I went. At least I got it out of my system.

one minute video of conditions and landing. 

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