Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seward Silver Salmon Derby -Round 2
August 17, 2011
Launched 8am Wednesday Morning.

Slow slow slow. Nothing for the first few hours. I started picking up fish after I passes Tonsina Creek which is a littel different. Had the most take downs near Caines Head. Nothing at all near Miller's Landing.

Ended up with 3 salmon on 8 hookups. I need to improve on that. 2 silvers and a pink. I did manage a nice 23 inch yelloweye rockfish...sort of. reeling up something decent from 300ft, my line goes slack part way up. Darn! Check the rig, bottom hook is broken off on a two hook mooching rig. Dogfish?

5 minutes later, I notice a buoy floating towards me. That's odd...wait it's orange, not really super red. What? A yelloweye? I pick it out of the water and there is my 4/0 gamakatsu hook in the corner of the mouth? Completely unexpected for inside the bay. I am glad it didn't go to waste.

Ran into a Hobie Oasis camped out at Caines Head. First one I have seen other than mine.

Also ran into Dudemandude whose buddy promptly lands a ten pound-ish halibut on a salmon head from a yak. Nice!  So obviously I had to try it.  that's why the silver has no head.  One good smack at the head but didn't hook it.

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