Monday, August 08, 2011

Seward.  Aug 7, 2011

Started fishing about 8am.  Launched the yak from South Beach.  Had a silver in the first 15 minutes.  Then I manage a pink on my ultra light and I am thinking this is great!

Because I was partly test fishing for a possible entry into next weeks derby, I did leave fish to go find fish.  I caught one other silver all the way out to Derby Cove and back.  I was use either a plug cut and whole herring.

I decide to try to go catch something in the deep water and the first fish up is a halibut!  Of course I forgot my net...ARGH.  15 pounds maybe.  No big deal.  Once again I am thinking this is great!  But after about a dozen BIG pacific cod from 250 to 300 feet down, i give up.

One last pass with the trolling gear and I hook one!

The silvers I caught today all had scales set.  Meaning they didn't shed them when they hit the boat.  Odd....

The highlight of the trip was watching a sea otter eat a big octopus right next to me.

Here's the video of the sea otter.

My Pink on an ultralight plus my lost halibut on video:


Don said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences and reports. I'll be taking by two boys out in my kayak (a tripple so we all can fit) to fish the later half this week the Bay. I'll be happy if we do as well as you did.

Kazul said...

Rudy-you need to delete the anonymous junk--looks spammed to me. Love the eagle shot!

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It's great Thanks for sharing the experience.