Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday August 21, 2011

On Saturday I had a board meeting which went very well and ended at 1:30 pm.  So I run home get ready, pick up supplies and I am ready to go.

Too bad there was a head on collision with one fatality at mile 84 at 4:20pm. I think that's between Whittier and Girdwood.  Well it must have just happened as people start turning around and I see emergency vehicles.  ARGH!  Well probably a lot less "ARGH" than the casualties and their family. Thoughts and prayers to the families involved.

People ask me what the most dangerous thing about kayaking is.  I say "Driving."

So I take a nap and head out at about 1am.'s dark!  Impressive enough I took a pic!  lol. Maybe you have to live in Alaska to appreciate this...

Get there earlier than I thought so took another hour nap and hit the beach at 6am.

I saw pinks jumping which gave me hope.  I also saw a bunch of small salmon jumping or chasing my herring.  They were about 10 inches long.  I caught two of them.  If you scaled down, I bet you could limit out!

Slow Slow Slow!  I keep going back trying to replicate that one weekend and it is not to be.

The derby runs till noon so I fish silvers.  I get one by Tonsina Creek, miss one.  A little while later in the same area I pick up a pink and miss another Silver I had on for a minute or so.  Noon comes and go and so the derby is over.

Switched over to Halibut.  Tried Herring first but kept pulling up one cod after the other.  I did have one small halibut on  briefly.  You know immediately that it is not a cod.  So arms got tired of dredging up cod so I lopped the pinks head and sent it down.  A few solid whacks but nothing would take it completely.

On the way in, I hit one more silver.  So 3 for 5 (one pink though) and 0 for 1 on Halibut.

Oh yeah!  I forgot the highlight of the day!!!!!  a 13.5 inch flounder that worth points toward the AOTY tournament!  I had bigger ones but I was tossing them back.  I kept this one for bait and then later realized I was throwing away points no matter how few!

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