Monday, August 01, 2011

Took the family out looking for pinks so the kids could catch a few. Reports were they were in up North so off we go.

We get to Sheep and the water is high. We throw mainly size 5 vibrax. Saku used a hometied jig with a float.

The bad news is we didn't catch a single pink!!! What????

But we did manage 3 silvers and two chums. Saku hooks and lands two silvers all by herself!!

Aki catches her first fish this year. A nice silver all by herself.

The first couple of fish I hand off to my kids I hooked on my 4'6" ultralight 1-4lbs test Gloomis spinning rod.  Okay, I have 20 pound spectra and 12 pound leader...Not bad...for!

Ryu catches a nice chum.


So all is good. Kids did great. They earn another trip!

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Location:Sheep Creek

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