Sunday, July 10, 2011

Congratulations Aaron and Adrienne!  The A-team decides to renew their vows on their tenth anniversary on board a boat in front of Blackstone Glacier near Whittier, AK.

Well I got invited and of course I HAD to go.  Besides, they are going to renew vows where I know there are fish?  Heck ya!

So Saturday morning, Martin and Sean drop me off as they go check their shrimp pots at 10am.  The wedding isn't till 2pm so I have 4 hours to fish!  The fishing wasn't hot but I did manage 6 or 7 rockfish with one of them a super nice 24 inch yelloweye for the area.

Saw at least a dozen whales.  One group got so close that I could smell their "breath",,,ughh...nasty.

Martin comes and picks me up and off to the wedding!  With the number of people on the boat, I launched my kayak and watched the ceremonies from my yak! 



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