Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Real Fish from my Outback!

Ok, so last week I jigged up a few herring and undersize rockfish.  That doesn't count.  So I launch out of Seward near Miller's landing and make it almost to Caines Head.  I manage to pick up my first coho of the year and the christening real fish for my new outback!  WOOHOO!

Caught it on 5.0 coyote spoon right off Tonsina Creek.  I had one other one on but lost it at the same place but when I was headed back in.  I thought I might hook a chum but I am pretty sure the fish I lost was a coho by the way it fought. This outback sure is worth its money when it comes to trolling and letting out flashers and such without tangling.

I spent about half the day jigging with not much to show for it.  I did manage a small greenling I was going to send down for bait and then realized I should at least measure it and get points.

The wind and rain pick up and it gets cold so I decide to call it a day.  the outback definitely gives me WAY more range!!!  Too cool.  After spending the first half of the summer getting my upper body in shape, now I need to get my legs in shape.  After I stopped for a bit, i started to cramp up and a tinge of panic as I was thinking I didn't want to paddle all the way back.  Nothing some fluids and a snickers bar couldn't take care of though!


Kazul said...

Fun story, my friend! Glad you are enjoying your newest toy.

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