Thursday, July 07, 2011

Halibut and Ling Cod charter with The Fish House in Seward.

What a great day.  Ran out towards Latouche Island and just hammered ling cod and halibut all day long.  Nothing huge...maybe 40 pounds for the halibut.  I have no idea how big the ling cod were. But great limits of fish!  90 pounds of fillets for the two of us!

We used 16oz leadhead jigs with white powerbait curly tails and 3lbs of weight and circle hooks with herring and a few rods with big salmon heads.

Weather was not so good early but by the time we really started fishing, the sun was out and the fish were biting!

As a side note, we ran into a BUNCH of silvers.  They were hitting our 16oz lead head jigs and our halibut sized herring bait.  Tough to hook.  I hooked several but lost them all.  No biggie.

We were on the boat "Servant"  captained by Trent.  He and his deckhand did a great job and got us onto some super hot fishing.  We had a BLAST!


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