Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Non Motorized Monday on the Kenai River - July 25, 2011

Mark Colett and Jammer, and I launch out of Stewart's Landing at around 9am.  On the way down, we stop by a bank and fish some reds.  I get lucky and limit out at the first stop.  I am using my new hobie Outback peddle drive so I try some backtrolling.  My first attempt was with a K-16 Kwikfish and a diver.  

The mirage drive worked great.  In the fastest section I could hold if I worked hard, but at a very sustainable cadence, I could back up at a nice slow pace.  It was interesting that no matter how slow the water was, it seemed like a lot of effort to move upstream. You could do it, but it was work.  But on the flip side, no matter how fast the current was, it seemed fairly easy to maintain a good back drifting speed.

On a small high tide at Beaver hole, I had no problems moving back up the hole.  In fact I had enough control of the kayak that the last hour I used 10 oz of lead and bottom bounced a K-16 kwikfish.  I should have used a lot lighter weight but the heavier weight wasn't a problem and it kept the lure near the yak and working.

I did manage to hook a fish at the top of crossover hole.  Got the rod out of the holder, took one run, and it was off,  DANG!  As soon as it came off a rosey 30 pounder surfaced to mock me.  ARGH.  Well it can be done.  Keep in mind this Monday was the first no bait restricted day, so I was probably lucky to get the hit.  I didn't see a single net or a single rod out of the water though I heard several folks say they caught fish.  the boat wake is no problem at all.  A good anchor system is in order for the non motorized day.  I think with a few more runs, i would have the confidence to run it during a normal motorized day as long as it was late in the evening after most of the crowd had thinned out.

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