Monday, July 18, 2011

So this weekend the insanity began on the Kenai River.  To make it more stressful, I had my (ex) father in law in town from Japan.  So no kayaking, but I did get a good look and secure a potential private launch/retrieval area on the river.

First I am on a King Charter with Hi Lo charters.  Fished with Guide Albert Kutzkey who allso fishes Norther California when not in Alaska.  He just did a super job.  We go four for four on Kings.  A 40, 30, 30, 20 in a half days fishing.  Just awesome!

So now its time to go get my reds.  Martin and Sean had HAMMERED them the day before while I was King fishing.  Boated over 200 reds they did!  We start off slow but in 55 minutes we net 50 or so sockeyes to round out our tags!  Here's a 10X sped up video!!!

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วรรัตน์ ไชยเสน said...

Wow, you're so great, I've never seen this big fish before. It is very good.