Thursday, October 15, 2015

Homer Juevenile Black Cod - June 19

Tried homer. No kings. One 2 pound halibut I released. BUT at the end of the day, I found something even better!!!!!

It's rare but I found a school of juvenile black cod!!!! Yah baby!!!! I've never had the little ones but people tell me they are as good as the big ones...especially smoked. 

Managed 24 of them before I ran out of bait. We will see but if they are as good,  this is s huge score. Caught 20ft down in 100 ft of water. 


Flash said...

hey Rudy, how were those black cod babies? when you going to be kayaking in homer again?

Rudy Tsukada said...

They were yummy. Not as oily as their parents but still good...and fishing 20 ft down isn a whole lot easier than fishing 1,500 ft down! lol. Not sure. Homer isn't on the radar till mid September, but weather might push us down that way. We are focusing our efforts at WHiskey Gulch right now.

Flash said...

ok.. will catch up eventually. got my little boat down in homer now. concentrating on halibut in the freezer :)

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