Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rainbow Trout with Ryu June 13

Friday was my birthday so I took the day off and drove down to Kenai with the kids who had just gotten back from Japan.  Interestingly enough, my son had gone semi deep drop fishing (250 ft or so with smaller electric reels)  with the ex-father in law and was ranting and raving about fishing as soon as he got back, so of course we had to fish.

He's been out in the ocean before but its been over a year so first we had to hit a lake.  A colleague of mine has a summer home in North Kenai so we stayed there.

Rainbows to 20 + inches and one fish after the other.  A really great time.  Its ultra cool having a son so excited about fishing.  It's even better when he wants to try a Barbie rod since I had caught fish with it.  Right after one of the rainbows jumps into the kayak, he immediately relates it to the video where a silver jumped in my kayak.  SUPER good feeling to have your son proudly compare his catch to mine and recall it the way he did.  

Video for the day.  At nearly 4 minutes its double the length I normally try to keep it.  But this video is frankly more for him than the public.  I had a BLAST!!!!  Thanks Ryu, my best buddy and fishing partner!!!!!!  I had one of the best birthdays ever!!!!!

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