Thursday, October 15, 2015

June 18 -22 Halibut

MAK and Akfishripper made some awesome fish and chips plus onion rings!!! Thanks!!!!

Took Nick from southern CA out today. Less than 8 hours after landing in ANC, he is hooked up!!!   Between us, I bet we landed 15 halibut. But none bigger than 20lbs. Argh. At one point we were 4.5 miles off shore and 11 miles from the launch. Way too far! Got carried away trying to get him on fish. I'm a terrible guide.

I broke off the biggest fish of the day. Idiot. I had a backlash that pinched the line.   Broke 50lvs braid 10ft from the pole tip. Argh!!! Unforgivable !!

I also hooked a red on my trailing red bare hook. Lost it at the yak. Hmmm.


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