Thursday, October 15, 2015

June 6 & 7 Whiskey Gulch Halibut

Too tired... 90 minutes sleep since Saturday at 3am....

Halibut was good.  Saturday afternoon was windy and choppy.  Saturday night flat calm.  Sunday morning sort of calm.

Saturday maybe 5 or 6 landed.  Kept two in the 25 to 30 pound range.

Sunday, Kept a 15 pounder then a 49" (56.5lbs on chart).  

Here's my 49" fish...

Forgot harpoon shaft.  Finally tried a Shark hook due to circumstances totally within my control...actually lucky I had it...

I HATE SHARK HOOKS.  I am going to persistently and loudly MOCK anyone who thinks a shark hook is better than harpoon except in a specialized circumstance...whatever that might be.  Now a flying gaff with retainer like I saw Rawkfish use is a different story.  

4 halibut over the weekend.  One at 15lbs, two at 25 to 30lbs. one at 57lbs.  Not a bad weekend!

First still is sat fish. Second is Sunday. 

Did get one take down that was "King-esque" but didn't connect.  ARGH!!!  But who can complain!  

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