Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ship Creek Kings July 5

So I came back early to avoid the madhouse drive.  Also I had to get back to watch the Women's World Cup Soccer.  USA vs Japan!  Go...uh...GO...uh..Soccer?  I usually like to root for the underdogs.  In this case it USA is ranked higher but Japan is the defending champion. Hmmm...  Well I can't lose so I'll just watch and hope there are some great plays and I don't curse the officiating.  But I digress.  All that doesn't mean I can't go fish!

Hit the water around 11am.  Tide was already falling.  Use roe under a bobber and managed two fish.  Both would be considered jacks here.  But on the other hand, they are both definitely chinooks.  So I have to count it.  I would draw the line at going to the local lakes that stock kings but they rarely get over 10 inches long.  These were nice chunky fish, smaller than even my June king.  

Still, these are legit ocean going fish so ok, if I counted my June king, these will count too!  But I'll still continue to try and catch a good one.  I think next year my goal will have to include a weight or size threshold.  Maybe 10 pounds and 24 inches or something like that.  Still, the point isn't that you catch big fish from kayaks, but that these kayaks put you in a position to catch a king salmon EVERY MONTH OF THE ALASKA!!!!  INSANE!!!!


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