Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Problem....

Once again I call upon engineers and creative thinkers.

I got the 360 degree swivel mount. If it was for my boat, I'd think SWEET! But for my kayak it's HEAVY...it's HUGE!!!!!

Isn't there some adage about measure twice cut once?  How about get the dimensions and spare yourself 100 bucks. Argh.  But I still think this is potentially an integral component of the eventually optimal solution.

So two issues.
1) Where the heck am I going to mount this beast.  I may have to go roller on the tip and mount on the hatch.  Especially if I can get another spare hatch at a reasonable cost.  Then I would make the outriggers much smaller but more permanent design to deploy on the side I would "swing" the pot towards to pull it up onto the yak.

2) It weighs 4.5 pounds! My kayak weighs only 38 pounds.  I can't have my mount adding 10% of the weight especially if I mount on the edge.  So I need a solid solution to make it a temporary mount with the any additional plate and hardware that might remain permanently attached to the kayak at a very minimum.

I can mount it with a little overhang.  It's not going to affect my seating I don't think.  I have absolutely have no idea why the bottom edge is jagged like that.

A little help!

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