Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A couple more issues....

The center mount in front of me isn't going to work.  The downrigger is just too close to me.  It's got to go behind me.

So here's what I am working with.

Arghh..why can't I rotate the pics??  Any rate...For any temporary or at least semi temporary mount might go on a cutting board I can cut into a piece that would go on the right side of the kayak but basically hang over the open space directly left of the flush rod holder.. It still means drilling holes in the Kayak to mount he plate but the plate would serve two purposes.  One, the heavy mount and downrigger would be more center for better balance.  Two I could remove the base a lot easier since the nuts on the bolt would not be buried inside my kayak.  This is the solution where I would cut out the cutting board on the redlines and bolt it in.

Alternate solution is somehow utilize the two drain holes you see.  Maybe fabricate a post that will fit in there and somehow secure it.  Velcro? The problem is the holes get skinnier by just a little bit in the middle.  I wonder what would happen if I heated a pvc pipe and while hot rammed it in there?  Would it form to the tapered holes?  This is the green plus red line solution.

I need a solution!!!!!  T Minus 50 hours and counting till the opener!!!!!!

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