Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do the twist!

Downrigger connection Soultion #1

First I am sucking it up and buying the 360 degree swivel mount.  No way around it...even with outriggers.  So the downrigger has to DO THE TWIST!

So here's my first proposed solution,  I am going to tie a long bimini TWIST knot at the end of each leader. That way it can stay clipped in between the drum and the pulley, but the loop is long enough that it clears the last guide.

I can clip the buoy on before I unclip the mainline to make sure that I don't lose it...which is always a possibility when you are holding on to spectra line.

So Here's the complete set up:

Not sure why I can't rotate the pics.

But close up of the loop. The loop on the red line line is the same loop long loop tied at the end with a bimini TWIST knot.  So once the buoy is secured, I can unlip the line to line connection.

When I work on things I need to wrap the line on something so I don't cut my hands.  The solution is a schedule 80 pvc section with a grovve cut down an inch on one end so I can put the line into the grovve, wind it on itself a half dozen times, and stick it in the rod holder.  I can then work on the loose end without any tension.  

The next upgrade is the temporary but hopefully stable outrigger...but that is for another day.

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